Conditions for non-Iranian ladies who want to study in Hawzah

Question 152: Is there an age cut off for people attending hawzas? i heard in some sunni universities..they only allow people in their early 20s to attend

Answer 152: Non-Iranian ladies who want to study in Hawza (Jami’at al-Zahra) should have the following conditions:
1) Valid Iranian Visa. 2) Diploma (academic degree). 3) Be at the age of 16+ years of age and less than 36 years of age. 4) A father or husband will live with you in the Holy City of Qom. 5) Pass the exam (scientific interview).[1]

According to Jami’at al-Zahra (the international affairs section), if a female wants to attend the Hawzah and study there she will be able to Email us and send her request via this following address: (

They also said: we would ask one who wants to study here in Hawzah about religion (e.g. which religion do you believe in) and the like. Btw, you will be able to email them in any language you speak. They will evaluate your request and reply to your email ASAP.

There are two ways of registration for foreign woman who want to study in the Holy City of Qom:

  1. Daily (There are no dormitories available for them. The father or husband is required to live with the female student in the Holy City of Qom).
  2. Nightly (Dormitories are available for them if they are single. They should not exceed the age of 22 years old. However if an older woman wishes to study, she can email the institution and explain their situation in order to be considered).

Note: If special conditions exist, they are able to contact the International Affairs via email address:

The above stipulations are for Jami’at al-Zahra. There is another place of study, called al-Mustafa International University and they can be contacted via this address: ( or….

As for men who want to study in Hawzah, they need to contact al-Mustafa International University, as well.

For further information in this regards, please refer to the following answer:

Index: The curriculum of Hawzah / the first Shia Marja, answer 543.

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