Grave of Prophet Musa: When and How He died

Question 186: At what age did Nabi Musa (as) die? Please, also Let us know the story of Prophet Musa and Malak al-Mawt?

Answer 186: When the Prophet Musa and Aaron (pbuth) passed away in the wilderness. It is narrated that the Malak al-Mawt (Azrael) shaped in the form of a human and digged the grave of the prophet. That’s why the Bani Israel don’t know the exact place where the prophet (peace be upon him) is buried. The holy Prophet (pbuh) was asked where is the grave of the prophet Musa? He said: it is on a great path by the way near the red sand hill (al-Kathib al-Ahmar). And there was a difference of 500 years between the prophet Musa and Dawood (David) (as) and 1100 years between Dawood and Prophet Isa (pbuth). Read More