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In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

If You have any question related to Islamic sciences you can ask it precisely and we will email you an answer as soon as it is made ready.

Before asking your question though, take a look to read the Inquiry Guidelines as follows:

Inquiry Guidelines

Inquiry Guide: Due to the volume of questions, combined with resource limitations, please help us by following the listed guidelines below, so we can direct our efforts toward questions of more importance and priority. Questions submitted that do not meet these guidelines will not be considered for approval.

  1. Posts and comments must be in English; the admin team is not be responsible for translation.
  2. Only questions are considered for approval, not any other content; all questions should be related to the Islamic Sciences.
  3. The question shouldn’t be so broad and general that it requires an abnormally lengthy explanation.
  4. The question should clearly express what the member has intended.
  5. The question shouldn’t be so personal that its answer will only benefit you and no one else.
  6. If your question is derived from any type of resource, sufficient references must be provided.
  7. If precisely answering a question requires a long period of time and research, we may first post a concise answer and later, after the needed research is done, post a detailed response.
  8. An archive exists by category, under the photo album section. Search through existing info and submit the question only after ascertaining its absence from the archive.
  9. The group does not respond to questions that the member himself is responsible for, such as dissertations, treatises, articles or other personal pieces of professional work.
  10. Given the sensitivities in our society, if we feel that the harms in answering a question outweigh those in leaving it unanswered, then the question will not be considered.
  11. Members of this group are at different levels of religious education and understanding, our goal is to formulate an answers that will benefit the majority.
  12. If an appropriate answer to a members question can be found on another site, it is possible that the same answer is presented to the member, with reliable sources and references.
  13. In the event of not being satisfied by the response, post rejection, or timely response due to resource limitations, it is recommended that you continue to search to find the answer, though other means.

Behavior Guide: We as Muslims have a dignified manner in which we have been ordered to carry ourselves, in all aspects of life. Speaking with your brothers and sisters online is no different.

  1. Maintain appropriate levels of akhlaq and adaab.
  2. Disrespectful posts, thread comments or members will not be tolerated.
  3. The posts and thread comments shared in the ‘Ask Shia’ group by non admin members, do not necessarily reflect the views of the admin team, the resident scholar, or the Shia community as a whole.
  4. The resident scholar takes the questions of the believers as responsibility upon himself seriously; he however has no time for trivial debate and argument.
  5. Any disrespect toward any learned scholar, Ayatollah, or the Maraja will not be tolerated; including that of the resident scholar.

With thanks to all our respected members.

Stay blessed always.

The ‘Ask Islam Team.


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