Question 650: Assalam o alaikum. Is wife, mother, sister and daughter allowed to take money from the purse of husband, son, brother and father without taking permission? I want to know the Rules of Taking money from husbands purse without permission?

Answer 650: Generally, arrogating others property is prohibited without the owner’s permission even if it is a tiny seed.[1] Also it is no allowable for a father to possess his baligh son’s (who reach at the age of puberty) property without his permission as it is considered as a haram act.[2]

Therefore, it is not allowed for a mother, sister or daughter to take money from her husband’s, son’s, brother’s and father’s purse without taking permission, however for those who are wajib al-Nafaqah (i.e. like a child or spouse whose nafaqah (alimony) are obligatory upon the father of family) would be considered as an allowable act to get their Nafaqah without the father’s permission if he refrained giving them the Nafaqah.

Fatwas of Grand Maraja’ in this regards are as follows:

Ayatollah Fadhil Lankarani (ra): If the father pays Nafaqah they would not be allowed to take money from his purse without taking permission. But, if he doesn’t pay Nafaqah to them they would be allowed to do it without his permission.[3]

Ayatollah Khamenei: Although Nafaqah is wajib upon a husband to pay, but his wife is not allowed to take money from his purse without his permission.[4] If a wife obeys her husband and demanded her Nafaqah from her husband but he doesn’t want to pay she is firstly supposed to refer to Hakim al-Shar’ (i.e. a Mujtahid) to obligate him paying her Nafaqah and if this way is not possible and her husband still doesn’t want to pay her Nafaqah she would be allowed get her nafaqah for each day without his permission.[5]

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi: If a husband provides the Nafaqah for his wife she would not be allowed to take money without her husband’s permission.[6]

Ayatollah Bahjat (ra): If a wife wants to take money from her husband’s purse she need her husband’s consent.[7]

Ayatollah Saafi Golpayegani: It is not allowed for the wife to take money from her husband’s purse unless she refers to a qualified Mujtahid and get the Mujtahid permission to do so.

Ayatollah Noori Hamedani: When a father of family doesn’t pay the Nafaqah or pay but a few his wife is allowed to get the essential Nafaqah without his permission.[8]

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