Question 077: Asalamu Alaikum. Is getting married on Wednesday allowed in Islam? I read something that said it is makrooh to have sex or approach wives on Wednesday. Is that an authenticated hadith? Please let me know, as soon as possible. Thank you.
Answer 077: There is a tradition narrated from Imam Ali (as) in which certain days of the week have been praised while other days have been condemned. These are: Saturday is the day of beguilement and deceit, Sunday is good day for constructing, planting and wedding, Monday is the day of travel and business, Tuesday is the day of war and bloodshed, Wednesday is a sinister day, Thursday is the day of visiting the ruler and getting needs fulfilled and Friday is a good day of proposal and marriage. [1]

The Hell has been created on Wednesday, according to the Imam (as).[2] People consider it as a bad omen.

Marriage is a recommended act in Islam, therefore, there is no problem in getting married on each day of a year. All days are good and there is no such thing as a bad day to get married, except when one intends to marry while in a state of Ihram (for Umrah or Hajj) or if a woman is still in the waiting period (iddah) after leaving a husband by divorce or when her husband has died.

It is noteworthy to mention that getting married on a special days are recommended, these are: First, forth, sixth, seventh, ninth, twelfth, seventeenth, twenty-third and thirtieth day of each Lunar Month.[3] If you want to get married during the days of martyrdom of the infallible Imams (pbuth), you should also consider, respect, and observe the rules of etiquette of these days completely.

It should be noted that reciting the marriage contract during the time when the moon is in Scorpio (Qamar dar Aqrab), is considered as a forbidden act, according to some traditions. However, you may still get married when the moon is in Scorpio.[4]

One of the things which is haram for the menstruating woman, is vaginal intercourse. This is haram both for the man and woman, even if only the glans enters and there is no seminal discharge. As a matter of fact, as an obligatory precaution, it is forbidden for even less than the entire glans to enter. As for anal intercourse, it is extremely makruh but not haram. Even on the days where the woman’s menstruation isn’t certain but she has to legally consider it to be so, intercourse is haram. Now if one commits this forbidden act of intercourse during menstruation, he/she will be liable to kaffarah (atonement) and has to act according to what has been mentioned in the risalahs (tawdih al-masa’il/books of legal verdicts) of the maraji’. [5] [6]

Note: There are many ahadith in which we are recommended to give Sadaqah (charity) or recite Ayatul Kursi in order to get rid of the evil omen, some of which are as follows:

Imam Sadiq (as) says: Whoever gives Sadaqah on every morning Allah (SWT) would ward off the bad omen on that day.[7] The Imam also says: If you want to travel on Wednesday give Sadaqah and recite Ayatul Kursi.[8]

These traditions are for getting rid of such bad omen. If you are able not to pay attention on such bad omen of some days of the week it would be much better for you to do so, but if you don’t have such ability, take refuge in Allah, the Almighty, recite the holy Quran and make dua.[9]

For further information in this regards, please refer to the following answer:

Index: Essential Requirements of a Successful Marriage in Islam, answer 515.

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