Question 088: How many times after salah are we supposed to recite the Dua Amma Yujeeb-ul Muz-tarra iza Da’ao, from the Holy Qur’an, “Ammay yujībul­muḍṭarra idhā da’āhū wa yak­shifussūū­a”?

Answer 088: In the Holy Quran Allah (swt) says, “[Are those whom you consider partners for Allah better] or He Who answers Supplication when one calls Him Desperately and removes the disaster from him; and the One who will make you governors on the earth? Is there another god [who does these for you] Apart from Allah, the Almighty? [No! There is not] but you people receive Admonition very little;”[1]

There hasn’t been narrated a tradition by the Infallible Imams (pbuth) in which we are recommended to recite this verse of the Holy Qur’an for curing our pains or patient, but reciting it at the time when we are distressed and helpless is considered as a recommended act.

If you want to recite it as a dua, you should add the word “Ya (O,)” instead of “A” so you can say, “Ya May Yujeeb-ul Muz-tarra iza Da’ao wa yak­shifussôô­a.”

Note: In some websites and lectures it is said that we can recite it 5 times.

The following duas are considered as quickly answered duas:

1- The dua of Tawassul

2- The dua of Faraj

3- The dua of Ism A’dham

4- The dua of Muqatil bin Suleyman from Imam Sajjad (as)

5- A dua with the name of “Sari’ul-Ijabah” (which literally means ‘quickly answered’) by Imam Kadhim (as) which reads:

[2]“اللهم انی اطعتک فی احب الاشیاء الیک و …”

6- A dua from Imam Sadiq (as); the imam (as) says whosoever says “Ya Allah” (یا الله) ten times, will be told [by Allah (swt)]: “Here I am! What is your wish?”

7- Imam Sadiq (as) has been narrated saying: “Whosoever repeatedly says “Ya Rabb Ya Allah” until he runs out of breath, will be told: “Yes! What is your wish?!”[3]

These duas have been mentioned in the book of Mafatihul-Jinan, under the title of “Quickly Answered Duas” or “Sari’ul-Ijabah Duas”.

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