Question 287: Brother I have a question regarding this if a woman wears colorful scarf with proper manner and she feels that she is become more attractive by just color of scarf … is it haram?

Answer 287: There is no problem in it by itself provided that it does not attract others’ attention or entail evils.[1] But, one should show restraint in choosing colors and designs which stand out or attract attention.

Regarding the color of clothing, although the Holy Quran and authentic hadiths have not constrained the color of hijab, considering the philosophy of hijab, that clothing should not attract attention and the fact that come colors cause attraction in a way that it defeats the purpose of hijab, a vast amount of scholars have prohibited wearing such clothing. To look at the whole issue from a general perspective, it can be said that the fatwa of these maraji is based on the fact that when wearing ‘different’ clothing, one should keep in mind the norms of society.

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[1] . Tawzih al-Masael of maraja (with annotation of Imam Khomeini), Vol. 1, Pg. 466.

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